1. Vaughan

    Well thanks for those depressing thoughts! I had to laugh at the contrasts between charm and beauty and death and destruction but I will admit it did get me to thinking. But I think I am going to focus on nature’s charms, at least until July and August when I will be joining you in screaming “Nature’s a bitch!” and we’re all going to fry!

    • Bookscrounger

      I knew this would be a depressing chapter, but it was important for future posts.

      No, we certainly can’t function looking at the realities, we need to focus on the romance. This is all depressing, and depression drags us down.

      I suspect that all of the animals are quite content going about their lives in constant danger. It’s all they know, and they’re adapted to it. So they don’t suffer. And we shouldn’t either.

      But right now, people around the world are playing with fire. We are drawn to despots and demagogues. I have some ideas about why that is so (you have read some of them), and ideas about what we need to do to stop before it’s too late.

      Because the deathscape is around every corner…

  2. Eddie Cazayoux

    C’est la vie! Sure all that goes on, but why focus on the dark side. The other side is more wonderful to experience. Or are we sticking our heads in the sand? The intricacies of nature are miraculous. Without man, nature will go on forever – as long as the sun continues to shine. It will adapt. We seem to be having a harder time adapting to nature. We are consistently removing ourselves from the natural environment – TV, A/C and the automobile have done the most. People used to sit on their porch. I still use mine and I thank God for the experience. Happy to have you back Joe.

    • Bookscrounger

      I agree. The ugliness is depressing, and human progress is marvelous.

      We live in a precarious time. I fear we do not remember, do not even know, what is just under the surface. Right now demagogues are rising around the world. I need to start with these things to get to a point that we can understand our peril.

      Hang with me. I hope to pull this all together before I finish. But I must make the warning, we will cover more ugliness before we finish…

    • Bookscrounger

      Typo fixed, thanks.

      Interesting thing is, you fill the bird feeder, they feed better. Then their numbers expand, and they’re struggling again.

      When you stop filling it — vacation, you move to a new place — they suffer an acute shortage, their numbers drop, and they’re struggling again.

      So feed them because you like having them around. But unless you want to start catching them and spaying them (!) it’s a rigged game.

      • Steven Schneider

        Ok interesting perspective…. maybe I Should think about self sustaining crops.

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