Happiness, The Book

A Physician/Biologist Looks at Life

 Table of Contents & Blurb

Rules of Life (Short Version)


  Part 1

  Part 2

Chapter 1. Illusions

  Where are Colors?

  Colors as Shorthand

  Other Visual Illusions

  Pain as Illusion

  Illusions, Pleasant & Painful

  Blind Spots

  Body Over Mind

  Comfortable Illusions

Chapter 2. The New Animal

  Morality as Survival

  The Double Standard

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Chapter 3. Reversed Correlations

Chapter 4. Dignity

Chapter 5. Happiness vs. Unhappiness

Chapter 6. Reality

Chapter 7. Paying Attention

Chapter 8. Winners & Losers

Chapter 9. Winning

Chapter 10. Performance

Chapter 11. Losing

Chapter 12. Happiness



Dust Jacket Blurb

If you’re so smart, why aren’t you happy?

With this question, Dr. Abraham explores the confusion and unhappiness that dominate so much of our lives today. In the modern world, we have all of the luxuries that humanity has ever dreamed of: security, food, health, comfort, convenience, and limitless entertainment.

Then why are we so unhappy?

As a physician, a research biologist, an educational activist, a social entrepreneur, and an inveterate traveler, Abraham has seen unhappiness from rural emergency rooms to inner city ICUs, from Manhattan skyscrapers to the slums of the Orient. And he tells us that the people in these different locales are more similar in their confusion and more closely linked in their suffering than they might imagine.

He takes us on a journey inside ourselves, and inside of our ancient ancestors; how we are not so far removed from the stone age as we imagine, and why many of the dreams and fears we inherited from the caveman do not serve us any more.