1. Lonnie Jeffries

    The obvious question is: “What will they do with this ability”? Those who have the ability to mold the future…will they do so wisely, or squander it for short-term, selfish goals? I guess only time will tell!

  2. Ron

    I would have to disagree with your premise that because there is more open communication and processes to make communication easier that “today’s students are the most powerful generation”. Look back on the late 60’s and early 70’s and compare the changes the young people made with massive demonstrations and student unrest and compare that to much of the current student activities. Where that generation was directing all of its attention to an unjust war and the unnecessary deaths and injuries brought on for political reasons, today’s generation is more interested in hurt feelings when someone says or does something they don’t like. If someone said or did something to the 60’s generation that hurt someones feelings, the answer was, “get over it”. Today, universities and schools go out of their way to shelter kids from “hurt feelings” You don’t like a conservative speaker on campus to present opposing views, ban the speaker. You don’t like GOP supporters chalking the head of Trump on campus, complain that it is offensive and the school investigates who did it.

    This generation might have the tools to be the most powerful, but the baby boomers and the Gen X parents have raised a generation of wusses that can’t handle opposing views and accept that others have opposing views and debate the good and bad of both perspectives. If they don’t like an ideology or position taken by someone else, that position should be eliminated. And the way they do that is by complaining that it is offensive.

    “Get over it”. Taking positions on things that matter, using the technology that they have in hand will make them the “most powerful”. As long as they complain about something they don’t like being offensive and others shelter them from that, then they will just continue to be “wusses”.

    • M

      I hadn’t really considered that aspect but there’s certainly some truth there. Perhaps “most empowered” is closer.

      Political correctness is foreclosing in-depth discussion of serious topics. Professors are frightened to teach controversial subjects. Famous comedians (some with notably liberal stances in real life) are refusing to play for college audiences. “Micro-aggression” is coming into vogue as the newest buzzword — think of it as PC amplified exponentially. Where I can often see some value in PC, I’m having trouble seeing any with “micro-aggression” and tend to see it as a passive-aggressive horror, an attempt to assume power without necessarily possessing any of the qualities typically associated with wielding power–knowledge, leadership, etc.

      Consensus seems to form around ideas that are more narcissistic than altruistic.

      Or I may simply be too pessimistic. Sander’s campaign is breaking all the records in both the way and the amount of contributions it’s raising.

    • bennett

      Ron, as a person of the generation you have ill-feelings towards let me clarify a few things. While there are definitely universities and people of this generation that have taken a stance against any verbiage that isn’t all inclusive, that isn’t saying it is an entire generation is in equal agreement about all social issues. One thing I appreciate about the baby-boomer generation is that many of them question the mass media and some of the things they project. Unfortunately, this idea of the millennial generation being sensitive “wusses” is something I find certain media outlets highlighting from a select handful of more liberal universities. Having gone and graduated from university in the south somewhat recently, this is not an accurate depiction of my experience and others that I know. Yes, there is more conversation around what is acceptable but we still have a club for conservative discussions and right leaning students. Unfortunately it appears your opinion of an entire generation is based off of what the media has told you, which sadly prevents you from finding common ground with the people who will be eventually running the world.

      I’d also like to provide a few details about what I believe my generation is doing right to further humanity. We’re having larger conversations regarding women in the workforce and how to grant equal opportunities for everyone. This isn’t just about equal pay but to show women that they can pursue roles that were previous deemed unfeminine or “manly”. We’re also pushing for more racial equality because there are still many instances of racism that happen even after the civil rights movement. For example, Bloomberg instantiated a program that Im sure you’re familiar with called “Stop and Frisk”, which was proven to be a highly discriminatory policing program in New York. We also are extremely vigilant in preserving earth for future generations. i was initially skeptical of all the media coverage of “climate change” years ago, but after finding many reputable-independent studies on the subject, it is a very real thing that we must tackle in the next few decades.

      Lastly, I think the biggest thing to highlight here is that all of this wouldn’t have been possible to the scale we’ve seen without the internet and the resources that Mr. Abraham listed above. So in essence, we’ve gained mass movement across countries for some of the issues above almost entirely build on the backbone of internet communication. Before I go, I hope that instead of being upset at an entire generation about things you disagree with that different generations can work together and find common ground on the things that really matter.

  3. Carey simon

    The younger generation is more aware of politics due to the easy access of Internet . Therefore , are easily persuaded as to who to vote for. Our generation tended to follow our parents ideas on politics simply because we had no access to social media. Most of the time we had to watch their television channel of preference. This generation would most likely jump on the Internet to find a topic of their interest.

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