5D: Darwin, Dada, Dalí, Duke, & Devadevàya.

A series of essays introducing my current book-in-progress, Darwin, Dada, Dalí, Duke, & Devadevàya; or 5D for short.

This page will undergo constant updates.  The current order, titles, and summarized content only lay out on rough overview of the next few essays.

Publishing Problems, and OpenSource Publishing

Both academic publishing and the book industry have severe drawbacks. For 5D, I will  publish essays laying out the basic ideas here and in social media. The full treatment will appear in the finished book.

Biologists & Public Policy

I argue that all progress is evolution, and it conforms to certain patterns of organic evolution. This insight creates a opportunities for biologists in many new areas, including public policy.

Ecology & Evolution

All living things make decisions, which generally conform to economic principles. Biologists play a critical role in explaining the predictive power of economics over both human and non-human strategies.

Astronomical Numbers, Biological Numbers

Astronomical numbers are unimaginably huge, but biological numbers are larger by a factor of over a quintrillion. The real difference between biology and physics, however, is that biology constantly produces things that unprecedented in the universe.  And biological numbers are critical for understanding the process.

Infinite Primates Problem

The universe does not contain sufficient matter and energy to create the primates necessary to randomly type out the complete works of Shakespeare. Random production of the human genome would require numbers unimaginably larger than those needed to type out Shakespeare.

So exactly how were Shakespeare and the human genome produced?

The Too-Large Matrix

Even larger problems.

Between a Rock and a Soft Space

Hard vs Soft Sciences

Knowledge vs Uncertainty

As progress accelerates, the past becomes less and less useful for predicting the future.

The Last Science

Will biology be the last science?

Darwin, Dawkins, & Daydreams

Genes, Memes, Oneremes.

And more…

Check back for periodic updates.