1. Eddie Cazayoux

    If “liberal concepts are important in business”, and the right thinks the government should be run like a business, then why would they be against liberal concepts? In trying to teach or stimulate creativity, we in that educational field, encourage students to take risk. You can learn as much or more from making mistakes that from getting it right all the time.

  2. Durl

    There is one trait that has some marginal benefit to an organization that does R&D, even when an individual is highly creative. For lack of a better term, I’ll call it “plays well with others”. If the most creative person cannot collaborate or interact with others in the organization, their creativity will not be of maximum use to the organization.

    In large companies, there is some group/division/whatever that is dedicated to blue-sky research. New ideas, things that have never been tried, etc. This is where you need the most creative minds and can tolerate the most eccentricity (i.e., the folks who do not always play well with others).

    As an idea progresses from R&D to commercialization, it goes through additional groups/divisions/whatever that determine how to package the idea, how to integrate it into existing products/processes, or how to establish it as a new line of business. This part of the organization has to work with and within existing businesses, so the ability to play well with others becomes more important.

    • Bookscrounger

      Good point. I would add that, when there are employees who are highly creative but lacking in social skills, the best managers figure out a way to put them by themselves and negotiate between them and everyone else. That, of course, means that the manager has to be able to recognize the enormous importance of innovation, of new and ‘liberal’ advances. My guess would be that such managers are rare. I think of the ‘pointy-haired boss’ in Dilbert; as those in industry say, “Dilbert is a documentary.”

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