1. Ron

    “We are dealing with situations and problems the Founders could not possibly have anticipated, and wouldn’t even have understood.”

    But they were smart enough to provide a document with 10 basic rights and one that could be amended as times changed.

    The problems with a “New Founder” concept is there is no one in Washington today that is smart enough to realize that changes can be made to this document to fit the needs today, so they try to force change and then find the founding fathers were smart enough to prohibit those decisions unless their document was amended.

  2. Eddie Cazayoux

    Capitalism gives us a free market. Greed led to child labor before, and the most expensive drugs in the world for this country now. The only way to combat greed is to “regulate”. There is that nasty word that a very strict reading of the Constitution does not allow.

    • Bookscrounger

      Eddie, I agree with much of this. What bothers me is that, because the left and right do not talk, we don’t find intermediate solutions. For instance, I am surprised at the growth of organic offerings at the WalMart in Breaux Bridge.
      Education and news change the equation. Another thing I am fascinated by right now is the impact of millennials in this campaign, who don’t show up in polls and are much harder to track. They are leaning hard for Bernie, a self-described socialist. (Trump supporters are showing the flip side of this.) Like or dislike, people are changing, and they are moving on social and other issues, without the government or even in defiance of the political leaders.
      Can we find a middle road? Is there a way for government to create temporary incentives for progress, rather than permanent laws and bureaucracies? Are there free market solutions to many of these problems? I have some ideas, but imagine how many ideas would emerge if, rather than playing political football, we could talk and compromise.

      • Durl

        It’s hard for anyone in the federal government to imagine doing anything without a soul crushing bureaucracy to run it, enforce it, and ensure that it never changes.

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