1. Carey simon

    Negativity in the home is a terrible situation for children to have to endure. Hopefully there are other people in the child’s life such as a close relative, teacher , or coach who does give them the encouragement they need. The more positive people children are exposed to as a child, the happier and confident they will be as an adult .

  2. Eddie Cazayoux

    Well Joe, I think you hit the nail on the head yet again. The political situation (powers to be) want to keep us angry, scared, confused and fighting with each other. Then they can use the other hand, that we are not watching (the magician’s trick), to manipulate us as a society. We are starting to see, with this presidential election, that the silent majority are starting to wake up to that fact and to understand how our political leaders are using us just like the big money is using them.

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