Socialization of Homeschoolers

I mentioned a couple of days ago that we homeschool our children. One of the questions/complaints we often hear from other parents is about their socialization skills. Interaction with peers is an important step in socialization, so how will our kids learn social skills? Sometimes on my grumpy days I ask: What kind of socialization … [Read more…]

Big Mama

I remember working a small town hospital in central Mississippi and seeing a patient in her 50’s.  In tow was a very engaging 5 year-old boy.  As I was examining his grandmother, he was going around the ER opening all the drawers and looking inside.  He didn’t touch anything, he just looked.  And the whole … [Read more…]

An Epiphany

My children hardly wanted anything for Christmas. They only asked Santa for a couple of things each, and my wife and I had to work to come with a few extra gifts for them.  Then after opening presents, my daughter happily commented that she had gotten more than she asked for. Gratitude.  That’s something we … [Read more…]

Intolerance of Intolerance

I remember a friend of mine who had earned his PhD at the University of California once saying that he thought Lafayette was more tolerant than Berkeley.  That seemed unlikely to me, so I asked a mutual friend, another scholar who read constantly about politics and social issues, and who also traveled widely.  “Certainly,” she … [Read more…]