1. Brian Lord

    So though I agree with much of what you’ve written I have to say those videos were hoping to catch people. Now I know it wasn’t hard, but they also don’t show all the people that got the answers right. They are shock videos and what percentage of people actually get these questions wrong is what is important. These are fundamental aspects of our country and our rights. So not so sure these show anything other than a select group of extremely uninformed people

    • Bookscrounger

      I started thinking about this in college, when a friend who had taken 4 years of HS French could not remember the present tense conjugation of être.

      I found this: “A 2012 ACTA survey found that less than 20% of American college graduates could accurately identify the effect of the Emancipation Proclamation, less than half could identify George Washington as the American general at Yorktown, and only 42% knew that the Battle of the Bulge occurred during World War II.”

      I’ll see what else I can find later.

  2. Eddie Cazayoux

    UL has a freshman class that required students to give some service to the community. This is a fantastic idea. I was building a Native American structure at Vermilionville when a group of these students came to help. It was strange. I am thinking where have these kids been all their life. You give them a screwdriver and they did not know which end to use. It was like another experience I just happen to have at the same Vermilionville. I was was working on a house when a Native American showed up with a tipi to put up for Native American Culture Day coming up that weekend. I was so interested when he started to erect it, that I went over and offered to help him. He told me it would take him 15 minutes to put it up, but if I helped it would take a half an hour.

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