1. My word… “Political”

    The best of America
    The worst of America.

    Our political system created the best of living in America
    Our political system generates the divisions and worst of living in America.

    • Bookscrounger

      Interesting point. I thought about it awhile, and a democracy is political.

      But it seems to me that so is a dictatorship or a kingdom; it’s just that the politics are played in a different way. But I’m open to more input on that one.

  2. Lucy Pulver

    India, and now China, each with hard to imagine numbers of children to educate, have concentrated a lot of resources on education, yet still lack that tolerance you mention, that special sauce that keeps curiosity alive. I’d read about it all day long from Indians on Quora in the form of 2 questions, ”what course do I take to make the most money?” and ”I have an advanced degree, what do I do with it that I won’t hate?”
    Students still do little beyond memorize and study for tests. I hope the US is ready for the day when the rest of the world sees the light about education. Of course i have no idea what I mean by ‘ready.’ I’d like to think it means a sort of enlightenment.

    • Bookscrounger

      I have Indian friends who agree that too much of their education is about competing and winning out. The key to real genius is sitting back and thinking, using our imaginations. So far, Americans are still some of the best at this, but I am worried that Object-Based Education is destroying that.

  3. Joy Pulver

    (I thought I was responding to your article on education. My one word is Innovation.)

    • Bookscrounger

      I’m about to give a talk on education. We’re trying to get it videotaped, if it is, I’ll share with you.

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