1. Eddie Cazayoux

    Good morning Joe,

    What a wonderful article/insight. To the ‘natural philosopher’ I take it that is tied to Nature. We developed with a very close relationship to the natural environment. We are who we are because of it. It is too bad that air conditioning and TV have removed us from that relationship. I believe that our whole sole and physic is closely tied to the natural environment. So we need to get outside and enjoy that relationship more. There we can see much better the presence of a God much more so than through a microscope. Even though we can see it there also. That is why I love architecture so much – you can design an abode that helps tie people to the natural environment. Not only are environmentally responsive buildings more sustainable, but they also provide a stage that allows the occupant to dance to the rhythms of changing seasons. A dance that brings mankind a litter closer to the wonders of the natural world. A dance that makes life rich, an not , “when you come to die, discover that you had not lived”.

  2. Bookscrounger

    Thanks, Eddie, interesting thoughts. I think we would all be better off with more nature, and less or no TV. We don’t have a TV.

    But I’m keeping my air conditioner…


  3. collin237

    This is a stupid article. (By your definition of “stupid”).

    Firstly, evolution does not deny the existence of God. Secondly, Richard Dawkins is not a scientist.

    None of the New Atheists are scientists.

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