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  1. Michael Young

    “Computer services at the school board wants to talk to the student on machine 14. That’s you.”


    The Pope in Rome called and wants to talk to the scientist with the theory of heliocentrism.

    People hate outliers and don’t trust them. How can they as a practical matter? They don’t have the requisite talents to investigate and understand so suspicion and coercion take over.

    I’ve given it much thought and from my (limited) perspective think the best thing to be done is to shut the entire mess down and give the kids a laptop, internet access, and a free trip to a Kaplan testing center once a year — or whenever they wish to go test as far as that goes.

    You ask: which kid would a person would want to hire for their company but didn’t distinguish between “work for” or “run” the company. Endless tens of millions of jobs in this country, even allegedly “professional” ones still tightly “silo” employees and won’t tolerate any wandering off the approved path.

    Both ExxonMobil and Apple, who couldn’t be more different on paper, prove to be remarkably similar behind the facade. They both hire ridiculously intelligent and talented people and immediately place them in silos. Apple is actually far more egregious an offender in that respect than old stodgy ExxonMobil which cross trains like crazy. Making inquiries into areas where one hasn’t been invited at Apple will get one shown to the door regardless of Ivy League credentials. For its progressive image and benefit structure, it’s very stratified.

    We shove dissimilar children but for age into randomly selected classrooms that only serve to label.

    It’s [seriously] time to bury the whole K-12 educational system and replace it with a 42″ screen and a laptop.

    It’s past time.

    It doesn’t work and it’s not going to magically start working.

    It’s expensive.

    It’s at least as destructive as it is instructive. (your third grade example of who raises there hands versus 1st grade)

    Home schooling is getting a deserved “bad rep” for the ignorant curricula some of them are pushing: no set theory, no Venn Diagrams.

    Be that as it may, it’s the way to go.

    It instills entrepreneurship and a sense of ownership otherwise absent and both of those things are coming in tidal waves as old centralized models continue to be replaced along with the ideas of what it means to be a “traditional” employee at a “traditional” company.

    They’re coming whether the prevailing political model is more socialism, which will provide a floor, or more conservatism which simply won’t provide a floor but will still embrace “outsourcing” at every conceivable turn.

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