• Bookscrounger

      This post was about the dangers of divisiveness. Your posts here seem divisive, and I would be interested in hearing your ideas on how divisiveness makes us better.

      • Kelley

        You might want to watch the video again and then ask yourself how/why did the left-wing lunatics who lost control of themselves reach that point … and how/why to do they think that nonsense “makes us better.” Your words, not mine.

  1. Eddie Cazayoux

    Sounds like you hit a nerve here Joe. I enjoyed the wise words and sent it to a ‘friend’ who would rather fight than try and work together.

    • Bookscrounger

      Thanks Eddie. That is a very human problem, isn’t it? Listening and reflecting are so powerful, but we are — all of us, myself included — so readily seduced by anger, polemics, and closed-mindedness.

      As Pogo said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

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