1. Anne

    Yes! I truly identify, especially with potty training. The day care my child attended and I disagreed with the methods they used. I’m so glad I eventually had to move him.

    Funny that you brought up this topic. My students and I were talking about the developmental differences recently. Because they are labeled gifted, some adults apply preconceived notions of what gifted is to their expectations of my students’ performance. Trying to bring developmental information to them doesn’t seem to matter. These children aren’t perfect, and it’s not fair to expect them to be.

    As teachers, we have received training in differentiation of our classroom teaching to reach all students. It’s difficult because students are so different and at so many levels of needs. Will we reach all? Probably not. However, testing is decreasing. It’s a good first step. Hopefully teachers will have more time to reach their students rather than try to meet an impossible testing schedule.

    • Bookscrounger

      I’ve been out of the loop, I wasn’t aware that the testing was decreasing at all.

      We’ll look at how education is managed with almost no respect of teaching as a profession, and no respect whatsoever for the child’s natural curiosity.

      • Anne

        Last year, our students had three days of data-based testing, 10 days of state-mandated testing (and we have yet to see our students’ scores), and some teachers gave two days of Lexile testing. This year, we still have three days of data-based testing, but the state-mandated testing has dropped to four days. That’s a considerable drop!

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