1. Michael Young

    My initial thoughts are that all the folks who don’t want Syrian immigrants here need to have their Iphones and IMacs and other assorted I toys (or for that matter, their Apple stock) confiscated but I fear the lesson would be lost on them.

    Nice article as always.

    • Bookscrounger

      Actually, it was lost on me. I had to look up Jobs on Wikipedia to figure it out.

      I had no idea Jobs’s biological father was Middle Eastern.

  2. Durl

    As a country founded and built on the basis of immigration, I don’t think the current fear of Syrian immigration is based on a general fear of immigrants. The fear is the inability of our government to state with certainty that any of the Syrian immigrants will NOT be (or become) terrorists. The recent shootings in San Bernadino CA provided an example of this … the woman involved in the shooting was admitted to the country, and yet appears to have already been radicalized before entry to the US.

    Even a very very small percentage of terrorists in a large number of immigrants is a non-trivial number of potential incidents.

    Of course, there is no possible way to ensure with 100% certainty that any immigrant will not enter the US and commit crimes. Never has been, never will be.

    • Bookscrounger

      As I note, American terrorists are more of a threat to America than Islamic terrorists. With that, every immigrant group, regardless of religion brings in people who are, or who become, criminal elements, and those lead to deaths.

      My suspicion is that you personally are not worried about non-Islamic immigrants. But look at the background against which this has happened, amidst concerns about other immigrants. I heard one commentator note that after 9/11, we did not see the fear of immigrants we see now. There are some who believe the current anti-immigrant stance is not a product of rational thought, but of a media that has found great profit in divisiveness.

      That one’s coming up in the next couple of weeks…

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