1. Eddie Cazayoux

    The ‘N’ word is not “allowed in a single instance” as you suggest Joe. It is used by black people all the time. I have heard it used by them in a condescending manner or as just a matter of racial distinction.

    • Bookscrounger

      Point well taken. That is the single instance in which the rest of us may use it, I suppose…

  2. Carey simon

    I remember my grandparents calling the refrigerator an “iced box”

    • Durl

      Before refrigeration compressors were invented, the device was literally an ice box … you bought blocks of ice to put in a compartment to keep the food in the rest of the box cool. If you watch movies (or even shorts, like the Three Stooges) from the 1930’s and 40’s, you’ll occasionally see an ice truck.

  3. Devious Stares

    The distinction here is that all of this falls under normal usage. Social mores have shifted language, but none of it has been compelled speech. Canada has recently moved to that model for preferred pronouns. At least we have the Constitution to protect us from the nanny state.

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