1. Eddie Cazayoux

    Hi Joe, I got caught in that same scam.

    Seriously, the building itself is a fantastic work of art and the more recent interior design by the Italian architect Gae Aulenti – she did a fantastic job. But if you really want to see some of finest French impressionist work in the world, it would be at our National Gallery in Washington. The French did not think much of the Impressionist at first while the Americans were buying it up.

    Paris is a most wonderful city. Even if I am going to other parts of Europe, I like to fly in and out of Paris just to be able to spend a few days there. One of my most favorite things is to sit on the steps of the Sacré-Coeur(which faces south) with an evening picnic (bread, cheese, paté, fruit and wine) and watch the sun going down in the west, the city lights coming on (City of Lights) and the full moon rising in the east.

    • Bookscrounger

      I agree about Paris.

      Do you really think it was a scam, or were you being facetious?

  2. Durl

    Pay it forward can be used in many contexts. One of the first times I drove my parents’ car by myself, I had a blowout at highway speed. I managed to keep the car under control, and was fortunate enough to come to a stop at a gas station. I was pretty rattled, and started to remove the spare from the trunk to begin the process of changing the tire. A very large, very rough looking mechanic walked over and broke into a big grin and said “Looks like you’ve got a problem, son!”. I was young, and a bit shocked at what had happened, and it showed. He walked me through changing the tire, and made sure that I knew how to do it safely. He stayed until I’d finished the job. I offered to pay him, since he’d taken time away from his duties to help me. He flatly refused. He just said “Some day, you’ll find someone in the same situation. Pay me back by helping someone else.”

    That was over 40 years ago. I can’t count how many tires I’ve helped change, nor how many jump starts I’ve given to others who were in the situation I was in. I think about that somewhat scary, but very kind mechanic every time, and I still thank him under my breath each time.

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