A Theological Defense of Darwinism, Intro

Yesterday I posted a defense of creationism. I would guess that some fundamentalists cheered. “Not so fast, my friend.” I’m not on anybody’s side. I’m on everybody’s side which if you think about it, means I’m opposed to sides altogether. I’m trying to get people to talk, and listen to one another. And to do … [Read more…]

Faith vs Religion

Related: Secular Faith & Scientific Zeal Yesterday I related a story in which my father admitted his own occasional doubts about God.  Some might think it sacrilege to doubt God, particularly for a man of the cloth.  I also noted in my opening post that there seems to be a lack of faith from certain … [Read more…]

Compassion as Luxury II

Yesterday I posted on Compassion as Luxury. As a physician and a biologist, as well as a guy who is improvising his way through life like everyone else, I have come to believe we don’t pay enough attention to the animal, visceral motors that drive us. Those biological drivers, and our ignorance of them, cause … [Read more…]

Compassion as Luxury I

In Jacob Bronowski’s classic BBC series and companion book, The Ascent of Man, he follows a modern Persian nomadic tribe, the Bakhtiari, and uses them as an illustration about what humanity is like without civilization. The nomads, like prehistoric peoples, constantly, chronically live at the very edge of survival. So despite their weaving, their language, … [Read more…]