1. Ann Andrews

    The other day my granddaughter (13) dropped my laptop. (They actually use it more than I do. Netflix and YouTube videos entertain them more than I want to admit. ) It was hung up in some in-between word on Friends. I couldn’t turn it off. I told her to just put it on the table and maybe her dad could fix it. Ok. I cursed first.

    A couple of hours later both girls came running in to tell me that they had fixed it. In the meantime, while they were very quiet, they had mentally pooled all their cash, savings, and had sold anticipated Christmas presents and had traded in various devices. They said they had come up with about $700.

    I was/am so ashamed and a little tickled. Yes it is just a thing and probably more precious to them than me. One more little step in the maturing process where we want them to grow to consider others more than themselves.

    • Bookscrounger

      The sad thing I find is that holding on to the moment and practicing gratitude does not make it easier to watch them grow up. It makes it so much harder.

      Your granddaughters sound like jewels. And children can embarrass us so much with their generosity, of spirit and of possessions.

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