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  1. Durl

    My brother was a veteran of the Vietnam “Conflict”. In one way, he was fortunate. He had been drafted and as such was to be assigned to the infantry. Just before his group shipped out, the CO stopped by and asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to be a Medic. My brother volunteered, knowing that it would mean more training before being sent to the war. He spent much of his overseas service working at small bases, not out in the jungle. As such, he was less likely to be wounded than he would have been if he had gone over with his infantry unit. But, as a medic, he saw horrific wounds and deaths caused by the battles, by both military and civilian people; And he certainly saw more than the average soldier saw. He was deeply affected by this, and it haunted him until the day he died. I am certain that it was one of the contributing factors that led to his early death at the far too young age of 53.

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