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  1. Ron

    Tolerance is also based on “normal”. Is LGBT, cross dressing and any other life style/activity “normal” or does it “stand out”?

    Could it be that intolerance is promoted by the very people wanting tolersnce? How many people could care less if someone identifies with these groups until those asking for tolerance get ” in their face” and demand what some believe are rights that exceed the rights of those not included in the alternative groups.

    If these groups or individuals want to be called Drag Queens, why should we care? We have many adjectives to describe groups and individuals. If they accept those titles, why should we care?

    If the svhools invited these individuals into the school and required the kids to attend the reading, then that is when parents should care. They are not given the choice if their child is exposed to this lifestyle or not. At the library, where all opinions and thinking should be presented, they can choose to take their child or not.

    Intolerance is promoted when the left tries to cramb alternative lifestyles on others and the right tries to control those lifestyles. As a Libertarian leaning conservative, I could care less until one of those groups tries to force me to accept one view or the other

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