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    I think Louisiana teachers could benefit from an hour, or four, with Rose Ann DeMoro from the California Nurses Association; they’d be doing themselves and the rest of us, the rest of Society a huge favor.

    (Not to wander too far afield but doctors should probably take a few lessons from CNA’s playbook as well — again, they’d be doing all of us a favor in the long run.)

    Union driven demands for smaller classes and higher pay have the consequence of also allowing administrators and the public to demand better results–and they do demand them. The end result is an environment that’s as intense if not more intense than that which it replaced (to make the point that there’s nothing of the “cush union job” stereotype that’s even remotely applicable.)

    I can assure you that is precisely the case in California’s unionized hospitals with their “outrageous” limits on patient assignments and “outrageous” salaries and benefits. People actually receive the attention and quality result they’re paying for. It should be noted that the labor/management relationship can get ugly real fast under those circumstances at times and that CNA has had to claw and spit and fight for every inch of ground they’ve gained over the years.

    Otherwise, I’m simply grateful for the interesting microcosm Maplewood Elementary and Junior High provided — a talent rich pool of educators in a relatively Mayberry-esque setting.

    I had an aunt that taught at WWL. English as I recall.

    • Bookscrounger

      This is really interesting. I am always intrigued by how the experiences of one discipline can inform another. And I am interested to do more reading about Ms DeMoro. I’m afraid you’ll have to abandon any hopes of doctors working together in such a strategy, simply because doctors can’t agree about anything.

      I want to think about your comments, and I may add more. Good stuff, thanks.

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