1. Mike

    Memories of living in Los Angeles.

    I probably just need to leave that there.

    Excellent as always. (perhaps the best yet.)

  2. Durl

    In the human world, the predator will find their victim. Your job is to look less likely to be a victim.

    At your home, a security system won’t stop a determined criminal. But most burglars are looking for an easy job, so they will typically go find another house that does not appear to have a security system.

    On the street, your best defense is awareness. Know your surroundings, be aware of the people around you, and do something quickly if you believe you are being followed (seek shelter, find a police officer, etc.).

    • Bookscrounger

      Exactly. One of the dismal conclusions from my biological training and thinking, is that we are both predator and prey. Another post, another day…

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