Kooks or Canaries? The Problem with Authority

To read Kooks & Canaries Part I, click here There are some recurrent themes on this blog. One is open-mindedness. Another is inclusiveness, and mutual respect for others. One other we have not gotten to, but will, deals with the Open Source/Open Content movement, as exemplified by software such as the massive Linux operating system,[1]It … [Read more…]

Kooks or Canaries? (Part I)

If you have been reading here, you are probably aware that I am a physician. Which is interesting, because my wife is largely anti-medicine, or at least resistant to medical approaches. She belongs to some on-line groups that look at alternative medicine, and who emphasize the importance of a healthy diet. We get along fine. … [Read more…]

Faith vs Religion

Related: Secular Faith & Scientific Zeal Yesterday I related a story in which my father admitted his own occasional doubts about God.  Some might think it sacrilege to doubt God, particularly for a man of the cloth.  I also noted in my opening post that there seems to be a lack of faith from certain … [Read more…]