Big Mama

I remember working a small town hospital in central Mississippi and seeing a patient in her 50’s.  In tow was a very engaging 5 year-old boy.  As I was examining his grandmother, he was going around the ER opening all the drawers and looking inside.  He didn’t touch anything, he just looked.  And the whole … [Read more…]

An Epiphany

My children hardly wanted anything for Christmas. They only asked Santa for a couple of things each, and my wife and I had to work to come with a few extra gifts for them.  Then after opening presents, my daughter happily commented that she had gotten more than she asked for. Gratitude.  That’s something we … [Read more…]

Intolerance of Intolerance

I remember a friend of mine who had earned his PhD at the University of California once saying that he thought Lafayette was more tolerant than Berkeley.  That seemed unlikely to me, so I asked a mutual friend, another scholar who read constantly about politics and social issues, and who also traveled widely.  “Certainly,” she … [Read more…]