Church & State

Lent is a time for us to reconsider our lives, and our faults.  One of the Deadly Sins is Pride.  I would offer that one of the worst prides is the pride of knowledge, because it generates closed-mindedness and limits our thinking.  This, in turn, leads us to create pain for our families, our friends, … [Read more…]

More Equal Pigs

Some animals are more equal than others.” Napoleon the Pig, Animal Farm by George Orwell When I was in graduate school, I was surprised to find that one of my classmates made his lab students memorize dates associated with Charles Darwin, including his birthday, the publication of The Origin of Species, and the years that … [Read more…]

Pigeonholed Thinking

For an approach to how primitive we are today, imagine what humanity will think of our ideas in 10,000 years. They will find our vanity laughable…