1. Durl

    The human brain is a true wonder. Even mine. Many times during my work career, I’d be juggling a lot of projects and working on a particularly tough problem and just not making any progress. At the end of the day, I’d leave for home, frustrated that I’d not been able to solve the problem.

    Typically, I’d get about 5-10 miles from work, and the solution would just pop into my head. Somehow, my brain had continued to work on the problem, and without the distraction of other things at work, it was able to put together the solution. It was always tempting to turn around and drive back to test the solution.

  2. M

    All I can say is that using simple algebra to solve dose calculations in nursing school (keeping in mind that Algebra is a prerequisite) resulted in raised eyebrows among the faculty who wanted to see their “nursing math” (matchstick math) employed.

    I knew I’d made a horrible mistake at that point but there were other considerations.

    They don’t like it much when they’re pulling out a sheet of paper and a pencil to demonstrate how to calculate a dose and you cut them off before they begin with the answer.

    It’s reminiscent of the Dark Ages when the population thought the priests were performing magic when they spelled out a word.

    Yes. Things need to change and in a big way. Unfortunately, what I see as a response to that sentiment is more exclusion, “returning to basics,” instead of expanding the limits.

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