1. Durl

    Polls usually show that most US citizens are somewhat centrist in their politics. It’s the movement of the 2 parties to the far left and far right that have polarized our politics. Each party chastises elected officials that stray from the “party line”, promising to drop support for their next election unless they get back in line. People generally can’t find candidates who are “middle of the road”, so they pick the one that backs their strongest convictions.

    • Bookscrounger

      The center is certainly the most powerful, and we’ll talk about that.

      I hope you’re right about moderates dominating the country. Watching the news, listening to the debates, listening to people talk about the issues, I’m worried that I don’t see or hear it enough.

  2. Eddie Cazayoux

    It is the PARTY that creates the extremes. If all the moderates had it together, they would have a third party for the PEOPLE that would nullify the tug-of-war going on at present with the parties. Politics should be about the people and not the parties.

    • Bookscrounger

      Interesting comment. Do parties create the extremes? Or do extremists create the parties? Either way we get the government we demand.


  3. collin237

    “creationist vs Darwinist”

    This is an example of a fallacy I’ve seen a lot. Just because there are two popular sides, doesn’t mean they’re both extremes. For example:

    popular extreme: creationism
    unpopular extreme: eugenic racism
    popular median strawmanned as the above: Darwinism

    popular extreme: climate denial
    unpopular extreme: climate doomsday prepping
    popular median strawmanned as the above: research into climate mitigation strategies

    popular extreme: pro-life
    unpopular extreme: anti-natalism
    popular median strawmanned as the above: pro-choice family planning


    In each case, one extreme stands to gain by misrepresenting the moderate position as a cover for the other extreme. And in each case, the moderate position is supported by honest science and critical thinking.

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