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  1. Michael Young

    It’s a great perspective and a timely one.

    I’ve often though of how Ross Perot’s movement dissipated after he lost interest and, more importantly, stopped financing it.

    Sanders has rekindled my interest in what I’ll loosely call a third party. The ease that social media provides in keeping ideas alive coupled with the now proven fact that “small” donations can fund a campaign that outperforms those with traditional financing makes for a compelling scenario.

    The trick will be, I think, “being Bernie Sanders,” compelling and interesting enough to keep the ideas of a more innovative government alive and experienced enough not to descend into the silliness that characterized the aftermath of the French Revolution, ex: “The French Republican Calendar” or more recently China’s disastrous “Cultural Revolution” or Cambodia’s “Killing Fields” and the social engineering policies of the Khmer Rouge. I mention those two particularly because those who orchestrated them were deeply aware of the French Revolution and intentionally chose to emulate its most miserable failure: The Reign of Terror. (I realize all the foregoing is hyperbolic in our relatively stable country but there will be extremists.)

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